Welcome to the Belize Chemotherapy Organization of New York, Inc.

BCOONY, Inc. is a non-profit / non-partisan organization that has been established exclusively for charitable and education awareness purposes.

Mission Statement

Raise funds for Breast/Pediatric Cancer, Leukemia and Sickle Cell Anemia to supplement the cost for chemotherapy treatments to adults and children who are suffering from these types of diseases.

Waiting longer to save lives is unforgivable. Uniting in one movement is unstoppable.  We must all act now to stand up to Cancer and save lives.

With the assistant of the Belize Cancer Medical Center in Dangriga, Belize our responsibility is to help promote cancer awareness not only to cancer patients and their families, but to everyone in the country of Belize.

We will meet our goals by focusing on long term education awareness programs about Cancer, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, HIV/AIDS and Alzheimer’s in Belize.

Awareness of all these factors and the responsibility result actions will give a sense of new hope and longevity to Cancer Patients.

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Belize Cancer Center-Dangriga

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Catholic Medical Mission Board

BCOONY affiliates with this Organization here in the USA



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Mrs. Mary A. Usher-Swales

Mr. Trevor Swales

Ms. Angelita C. Parker

Mrs. Veronica M. Jones

Mr. Warren Schneider



Board of Directors

Promoting Information and Aid in the Battle for the Health and Well-Being of all Belizeans

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Forty-seven years ago, Mary made the promise to herself, that whenever she accomplishes ninety to ninety-nine percent of her own personal goals, she would help her fellow Belizeans who are less fortunate than herself.


On April 1, 2007, Mary went about putting her plans in action.


Coming from a very high risk of family cancer, involving both her maternal and paternal relations, Mary decided to pursue a personal research about “Cancer” in her country of birth, Belize. Thinking about families and friends who have been suffering from different types of Cancer, was a driving force behind her pursuing this goal. In her extensive research and from personal experience, her conclusion was that Breast Cancer was the number one cause of death in women there. The facts are that most of the people are poor, deprived socially, and are unable to afford to pay for their follow-up treatments. The end result means that they most often end up dying needlessly, which could so easily have been avoided if the facilities and resources were in place to help them.


Mary was determined to get answers, so she questioned the authorities at the Belize Cancer Center in Belize City. Not wanting to accept that the conclusions from the result of her inquiries were the factual truth, she turned to her sister, Mrs. Veronica Jones in Belize, who enjoys doing research, for more answers. Veronica related many sad stories to Mary, as well as some happy endings. These were about women, men, young adults, children and friends who had suffered and died from some form of cancer, as well as some survivors. Mary stated that she was very overwhelmed by the sad stories that touched her soul so deeply with intense passion, ripped her heart apart, send shivers down her spine, and having difficulty in comprehending that a Human Being has to die because he or she is Poor. 

Mary endured the pain of these tragic stories, and prayed that God grant her the strength to accept the facts so that she could help cancer patients live their lives with dignity.


Mary prays daily that God grant her the serenity to accept the things she cannot change, courage to change the things she can and wisdom to know the difference.


With the help of other concerned dedicated family members, friends and professionals alike, Mary formed the organization, which we know of today as the Belize Chemotherapy Organization of New York, Inc. or (BCOONY).


In 2008, the Belize Chemotherapy Organization of New York, Inc. (BCOONY) was incorporated, and legally registered with the New York State, Department of State, the Internal Revenue Services, and the Attorney General Office of the Charitable Bureau.

BCOONY is a non-profit / non-partisan, charitable, and tax deductible organization with its 501 (c) (3)

Tax-exempt Status of New York, New Jersey and lately Las Vegas. It is organized exclusively for Charitable and Educational purposes. BCOONY liaison with the Belize Cancer Center/Dangriga, (BCC/D) in the District of Dangriga/Belize, and affiliates with the Catholic Medical Mission Board here in the United States of America.


The aim of the Board of Directors of the organization is to raise funds to supplement the cost for Chemotherapy Treatments to Pediatric/Breast Cancer, Leukemia and Sickle Cell Anemia to children and adults who are stricken with different forms of Cancer through no fault of their own.


Please visit our website at: belizechemo.org and


You may send your tax deductible donation to:

Belize Chemotherapy Organization Of New York, Inc. or BCOONY, Inc.

2300 Rock Springs Drive, Suite 1073, Las Vegas, NV 89128-3143


Our website includes links that show what BCOONY is doing for Cancer Patients, in Belize.